Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Rafael Barata samba practice loop

It's been a little awhile since I've done one of these practice loops, but this one has really been coming in handy lately for both teaching and my own practice.

This comes from the opening track of Rosa Passos' 2011 album É Luxo Só named after the Ary Baroso tune of the same name that is very much a Brazilian standard.  The whole album is an absolute clinic of samba and bossa nova drumming.

The loop below is simply Barata playing surdo and a telecoteco pattern on tamborim, leaving lots of room for you to try things out with it.

And, as there is no harmony or melody on this loop, you are free to practice on both sides of the rhythm, feeling it like this:

...or like this:


  1. Mate, just wanted to say I have been following your site from New Zealand for a number of years. Truly a wonderful resource on every level. Your dedication to these African derived rhythms is incredible and I am grateful for the things I have learned here and the tools you have given me to improve. I got to see Rafael Barata live a number of years ago playing in Lima when I lived there. It was obvious to me then that he was special, and not long after he started playing with Eliane Elias and I saw him here on this video (a clip of a tune very important to many improvising South Americans musicians: Such an amazing long form composition). Thanks again!