Friday, October 30, 2015

Thank you, Jacques Delécluse

Jacques Delécluse, the French percussionist and composer who has caused many a university music student hours of frustration (for their own good, mind you!) has passed away at 82.

Prior to the release of his 12 Etudes for Snare Drum in 1964 there was very little in the way of orchestral-style snare drum repertoire.  Percussionists were mostly left to study orchestral excerpts and rudimental solos.  These etudes, which were inspired by orchestral repertoire, made the study of technique less about gym-style exercise and repetition and more about musicality, expression and finesse.

It would behoove any serious percussionist to spend some time with this material, no matter where your musical interests lie.

Merci beaucoup, Monsieur le Delécluse!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Happy Birthday, Bill Stewart!

I first discovered Bill Stewart circa 2002 when I saw him play with Michael Brecker and Adam Rogers, and he's been one of my favorite drummers ever since.  So on this, his 49th birthday, I thought I'd post up a few things that I've had sitting in the drafts folder for awhile.

Bill has been playing in an organ trio with Larry Goldings and Peter Bernstein for the last 25 years.  They release material as "The Larry Goldings Trio", "The Peter Bernstein Trio", and "Peter Bernstein, Larry Goldings and Bill Stewart".  But regardless of what name they play under, when these three get together general bad-assery abounds.

First, here is some trading on the tune "Metamorphosis", from the Peter Bernstein record Earth Tones.  Bill has such a grasp on independence, and internalization of time and form that he can take ideas which, when seen on paper, are actually quite clinical and scientific and give them an incredibly raw and earthy, almost Elvin-y vibe.

Trading starts at 7:00
E-mail me for a PDF

Next is the intro to a Meters-esque tune from The Larry Goldings Trio record called Moonbird.  Here Bill channels his inner Ziggy but in his own, unique Bill Stewart way.