Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Groove Transcription - Otis "Candy" Finch, "Let 'em Roll"

Check out this very cool shuffle played by Otis Finch.  It comes from the title track of a Big John Patton record called Let 'em Roll, which, in addition to Otis and Big John features half of the Street of Dreams band with Grant Green and Bobby Hutcherson.

If you remember from the Keith Carlock shuffle videos, he explains that the most important notes to make a shuffle feel right  are the & of 1, 2, and the & of 2.  Here Otis plays those three notes on the hi-hat, snare, and bass drum respectively and moves the constant swinging 8th notes that are often on the snare up to the ride cymbal.

It's a very cool groove, and makes a great shuffle play-along track even if you don't feel like playing Otis' exact orchestration.