Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Transcription - Cuca Teixeira, "Tá Perdoado"

In re-listening to Samba Meu for the repique de anel arrangement in the last post I was also reminded of the fantastic playing by the two drummers on the record Camilo Mariano and Cuca Teixera.

The transcription below is of Cuca.  You can clearly see/hear his style on this tune just as you can in the transcription of “Recado” that I did way back when.  I love the interplay between the rim click and hi-hat.  I’ve got a post in the works for further developing that sound, so hopefully I’ll get that up soon.  In the meantime….

Friday, December 16, 2022

Transcription - Nene Brown, "Trajetória"

Continuing on with more repique de anel, here is some modern playing, this time by Nene Brown with Maria Rita.

This track comes from Rita's 2007 album Samba Meu, which is basically how I learned to play pandeiro.  The album came out right at the same time I bought my first pandeiro.  I listened to it over and over and over again, and tried (and initially failed) to play along to the record.  At first I couldn't even make it through a single tune, but with practice I could get through the slower songs, then the faster ones, and eventually I could play the whole album top to bottom with no break, which was incredibly satisfying.  So as this record was so influential in my pandeiro development I thought I'd revisit it to try to find some repique material.

As mentioned earlier, Nene demonstrates some more modern language that we don't hear in the earliest Dotô recordings.  There are some different rhythmic ideas, and he also presses the head for higher pitched sounds, which I notated that with dots above the notes.

Even if you're not interested in playing repique de anel, there's some great material here that you can develop for the drumset or other instruments.  Or even just listen and follow along for a better understanding of some of the phrasing that happens in samba.