Thursday, May 28, 2020

Transcription - Grupo Balacobaco, "Fotos Antiguas"

As promised, some pandeiro material.  I transcribed this one from a video on the Aprendendo Percussão YouTube channel.  Thiago Víega does a playalong with a recording by the pagode group Grupo Balacobaco to show typical ways of playing in this style of samba.

Notice that during the verses he is playing constant 16th notes with a muted sound on beat one and an open sound on beat two, similar to how a hide pandeiro would be played.  Then, in the chorus, he moves to the more broken partido alto style of playing.  While this isn't a rule, it is a very common structure to follow in this style of music.

A few other things worthy of note:

* In the verse section you'll see the "1, e, a" rhythm played with an open bass tone fairly often, which mimics the third surdo.

* The chorus always starts with an entrada.  Throughout the chourus the first bar of the rhythmic cycle has sounds on the second and four 16th note, but at the top of the phrase he starts with 8th notes.  See this post for a deeper explanation.

* The "fills" in the chorus section are almost always heavily syncopated, playing on "e, a" or "e, &, a".  This creates a lot of tension, and also flows nicely back into the partido alto.

Here is the transcription, followed by a video of Thiago playing it, as well as the track itself.

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