Monday, April 27, 2020

Jason Brown's 5/4 Gear Shift Thing

Jason Brown posted this on Instagram the other day, and I enjoyed it, so I thought I'd jot it out for all of you.  Jason is based in New York, but when we're not all quarantined he makes his way to London fairly often.  He's quite active on Instagram with short snippets of exercises, tips, lessons, etc.  It's worth a follow.  Anyway, the idea is to keep your hands alternating with accents on each beat, but after every two bars of 5/4 change gears.  The odd numbered tuplets will work themselves out naturally, but the even numbered ones need a double stroke on each beat to turn around.  So, the sextuplets are double paradiddles, the 16th notes paradiddles, and the 8th notes double strokes.  In the video Jason goes from septuplets down to quarter notes and stops, but I like to go down and then back up without stopping.

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