Thursday, May 03, 2018

Linear Samba Funk

Here's a fun samba funk groove that I derived from some Marcio Bahia ideas.  Marcio tends to play a groove very similar to this but with a busier left hand.  As I was playing through some of the different variations today I noticed that it can be simplified down to a linear pattern that still grooves hard and is fun to play.

I'm going to go into more detail on samba funk in a future post, but simply put samba funk has pretty much all of the same characteristics as a "regular" samba groove but with a backbeat on beat one of the second bar (if you're counting in 2/4).

Marcio's funk pattern very cleverly has what you might notice as the bossa nova pattern (also known as the Mocidade caixa pattern) in the right hand on the hi-hat, and a common third surdo pattern on the bass drum.  As I mentioned, Marcio gets a little bit sexier with the *left hand, but if we just fill in the gaps between the hi-hat accents and bass drum part with some ghosted snare notes it becomes a cool linear groove.  Just remember to accent the snare on beat one of every other measure.

*most people's left, but Marcio's right.  He's a lefty.

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