Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Groove Transcription - Manu Katché, "Running After Years"

I came across Manu Katché's self-titled album a couple years back while in Malaysia with my good friend, and pianist, Tay Cher Siang.  Many years ago he introduced me to ECM, and I've been hooked ever since.  And every time I see him, I know there's going to be some new ECM goodies that I haven't yet discovered.  This was one of those albums that from the moment I pressed play I knew I was going to love.  And this intro was why:


I often have a hard time deciding how deeply to dig into these recordings.  Sometimes I feel it's best to just play it at full speed, and write out what you can hear - the meat of it, essentially.  Other times I try to grab every last little beep and fart.  It's always a tough decision, because when those beeps and farts are there and you take them too literally, it can make it difficult to feel the groove properly.  On the other hand, it's those beeps and farts that really give the groove character.

In this case, I went with every beep and fart.  I slowed it down, EQ'ed it, and pulled it apart at the seams.  And I'm really glad I did.  Consider playing just the basic groove first to find the pocket.  Then try to play it note for note.  It's like adding the perfect spice.  An already cool groove made even hipper.

Important to note is the hi-hat feel.  I didn't want to clutter up the score with loads of accents, but there is definitely emphasis place on all of the downbeats, while the upbeats are a little more gentle.

Don't just stop at the intro either.  Listen to the whole tune.  It's killer.

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